Saturday, 7 April 2012

Egg Cookery

Image by @7mrsjames
Give Heston's lemon tart a whirl! Great tips and works a treat. I decided to make this Saturday afternoon with my kids at home and would love to showcase to my Year 11's next term
(we are currently on Easter Holidays: April 2012)

For recipe click here: Heston's Lemon Tart recipe

Image by @7mrsjames
This recipe is a fantastic way to start a conversation around Egg functionality, in particular as a  structural ingredient. Eggs are so versatile. In this recipe eggs serve the purpose of a thickening agent and a coagulative agent. The thickening of the protein is called coagulation. Within the pastry the eggs purpose is to BIND. You could also create a meringue using egg whites = aeration = a yummy lemon meringue pie to share!

Free range eggs Image by @7mrsjames
Eggs have three main functions:

1.  Emulsification
2. Aeration 
3. Coagulation

The students will blog about the role of protein in denaturation, coagulation, gelation, foaming and browning early next term. 

Image by @7rmsjames

Eggs Benedict:

Instagram photo by @7mrsjames Cafe 5 Melbourne
Photo by @7rmsjames

Photo by @7mrsjames Random Act of cake event Binding function in cupcakes

Emulsification (Mayonnaise) by @7mrsjames