Sunday, 12 February 2012

Staple foods

 "Potato production" photo by soilscience available under the attribution licence
This week we will be exploring staple foods.  What is the prime importance of Staple foods?  Do staple foods change over time, culture and access to technologies?  What are the staple foods in your area? If you could comment below and state your global location and top 3-5 staple foods.
Steamed rice with spicey chicken and vege mix by HasinHayder under the attribution licence

I started this Collaborative google map also if you prefer to contribute that way. All you need to do is:

  1. Follow link
  2. Sign into google account (sign in top RHS screen)
  3. Select edit (it is a public link) and then you will see a coloured drop pin on the top of the google map. Drag that pin to your country and a comment box will appear. Easy!
Click here to see our collaborative google map in greater detail.

Thanks @arjana from Croatia for the being the first contributor and Mr Gosselin  (from Texas) our second!  Please help our Australian students understanding of Staple foods by responding with a comment on this blog post or drop pin on map!

View Staple foods of our world in a larger map

If you click on the drop pins you can view the country selected and staple foods of that region. 

Thanks muchly!


  1. An excellent project and looking forward to seing comments from Malta, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Poland....etc....seems so far potatoes are the winners.

  2. Thanks Nancy for responding to our latest blog post on Staple foods. Yes! Potatoes are popular! Cheap, easy to grow, store and prepare. They are high in Carbohydrates, which is a major source of energy for many developing countries. A shame developed countries process them so highly with too much salt and fat!

    Thanks everyone for sharing your staple foods with us. We have received help all across the globe: Croatia, USA, Slovakia, Scotland, Malawi, England, Rwanda, Serbia, Brazil, Jordan and Argentenia so far. The google map of Global staple foods has generated over 1050 views in less than 12 hours! Amazing! We are hoping to source information from our Asian and New Zealand neighbours as well as Malta, Italy and Russia.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Much appreciated.