Key terms+glossary

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the USE, MKAING and knowledge of how tools, machines, crafts and systems
work in order to solve problems/met needs.  The study of art, craft and skill.

Food Technology:  
can be defined as the APPLICATION of science and engineering in relation to the
manufacturing and handling of foods.

"For the purposes of the Food Technology Stage 6 Syllabus, food technology refers to knowledge and activities that relate to meeting food needs and wants."  Food tech Syllabus 2009
"Food technology is the application of food science to the processing of food materials into safe, wholesome, nutritious, tasty and attractive food products. Food technology draws upon and integrates the application of other technologies to food, such as packaging, materials science, engineering, instrumentation, electronics, agriculture and biotechnology."  Institute of Food Science & Technology 

Absolute poverty

Australia New Zealand Food Authority.

any person who uses goods and services.

bans placed on the importation of a particular product.

Food safety:

Food preservation

law passed by parliament.

sells goods or services to the consumer for personal use.

Staple food

a tax imposed on imported goods.

Relative poverty