Friday, 19 July 2013

What's to come by Year 7.12 Food Technology

Note from Mrs James: this post is by my second group 7.12 
Period 5 Friday 19th July 2013
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We think we will learn the following during our time in Food Technology:
  • How to cook pizza muffins
  • Safe cooking environment and hygiene
  • How to use mushrooms
  • How to use knives
  • How to plate up a dish and present food
  • Names of ingredients
  • How to turn on an oven
  • How to mix and cook ingredients
  • How to make hash browns
  • I think it is all about cooking
  • Where the food came from
  • How to make brownies
  • How to use herbs and spices in a dish
  • To learn about different food groups
  • How to say safe in a kitchen
What I really would like to learn when studying Food Technology:

  • How to cook bacon quiche
  • How to make eggs benedict
  • How to make pastry for pie
  • Bacon cheese meat pie
  • How to cooking mechanisms (ovens)
  • How to make dumplings
  • How to crack an egg with one hand
  • Make coke
  • How to make ice cream
  • Seasoned potatoes
  • How to keep diary products from curdling
  • How to keep fizz in soft drink
  • How to make brownies
  • Redsigning bottles
  • Food presentation and design
  • Cooking traditions
  • New food (create/product development)
  • Unusual dish?  Craziest dish out
  • How boil and egg perfectly
  • How to make thai food
  • How to make pe from scratch -apple
  • Competitions- who can make heathy cake
  • How to make rice paper rolls
  • Calazone
  • How to decorate a dish
  • Sushi
  • If we can choose country and make national food
  • Nutella helathy delicious cakes to share with family
  • Food that athletes can eat prior to competitio to increase performance
  • Cooking traditions
  • How to cook so fast like on masterchef
  • Be like Matt Preston- food critic
  • Protein shakes
  • Gelato
  • Cooking materials
  • Food photography
  • Decorated cake
  • How to make food look cool

Initial impressions of Food Technology lessons:
  • I like how we get to choose what we cook
  • I enjoyed that we all started out together as a group
  • very hands on and involving
  • hoping we cook BROWNIES
  • hoping to make italian food
  • gonna cook some food
  • amazing
  • Interesting...
  • food = good
  • fantastico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, MEAT PIE, YOLO POTATO
  • YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FULLY SICK BROOOO
  • FUN!!:):):):):):
  • It seems like it will be cool!!
  • Awesome teacher
  • first lesson 007
  • Its Very Fun because we get to do food stuff
  • Great/Fun end to the week :D

Looking forward to reading your comments and having fun in Food tech this semester. 

From 7.12 Oakhill College, Sydney Australia.


  1. Hi 7.12, love to read what you are looking forward to. As a mother, I hope you also learn how to clean up after yourselves!

  2. I love the wide variety of things that students want to do/learn. So much learning, so little time!

  3. The teacher is listening to students and offering choice about what they want to do. It appears to me that students are working collaboratively on "real world learning". Excellent, and well done to all!
    Greg Miller.

  4. Hi everyone! What a lucky bunch you all are with Mrs James as your teacher! I particularly like the goal of making food look cool - eating is one of those things that we HAVE to do while we are alive, but why can't it be as fun as possible!?

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Mrs. Jennifer Estes27 July 2013 at 02:30

    Foods classes can be fully hectic:) I know as I am a foods teacher in the USA (North Carolina). So much to learn in such a small amount of time. Be sure to share with your familes at home. It looks like you will be making many great food items. Enjoy the semester and best wishes for a productive learning adventure!

    1. Dear Mrs Estes,

      Jennifer our food tech classes to let you know are FULLY HECTIC!!! :) :P :D there is also lots of yummy and great food items to eat and share with our families. i make toast, cereal, stuffed POTATOES, and Stir Fries

      From Luis and 7.12 :)

    2. Luis, great job cooking and sharing! I love all the stuff you are making at home. I especially like to eat cinnamon toast made by placing butter on a piece of bread, sprinkling with sugar (either white or brown) and cinnamon. Broil until lightly golden. It is a real treat for my family. May you continue having fun on your learning adventure. -Mrs. Estes

  6. Dear Margaret,
    Thanks for supporting us during our food tech learning. We have already learnt how to clean up and we have done a GREAT job at doing it!!! We have prepared Fruit Salad and Pizza Muffins.

    From Ryan and 7.12

  7. Hello Mr Huebl food tech is awesome and
    we have made pizza muffins so far and I suggested to make triple choc brownies and next prac we are going to make them :P

  8. Greetings from Virginia, USA:
    Thumbs up for wanting to make Eggs Benedict!
    Keep On Cooking!

    Lincoln Marquis
    Louisa County High School