You must be keen to do well if you have navigated to this spot.

Choose to be awesome! By Mrs James
To do well, starts with YOU.   You can have the best resources available to you, motivated and prepared educators, supportive family and friends, access to a vast array of resources and a pretty cool brain....however, it YOU don't hunger for success it is harder to achieve. This is the FIRST and FOREMOST  integral element to life long learning and success.

An internal motivation to achieve your personal best. 

Please do not compare yourself to others. Look at what YOU can do to improve. What can you change?Sure, observe how others organise their time, observe their learning habits and styles, grab the positive take aways from your observations.  And learn. Take action. School is not all about grades and the HSC. Think of your time at school as a time to develop important life skills. Change your mindset to an open and positive view of learning for YOU! Yes, this is a time to reflect on what matters, YOU and your development as awesome young women and men.  Along the way we will learn MUCH!  Much about the Food technology curriculum, how the brain works, how YOU best learn, about the world, about your digital tattoo and global connectivity and collaboration.  It will be great- if you allow it to be!

Get involved, have a go, make mistakes, try, try again and again and another time!  ASK, chat, blog, tweet, create, think, discover, be curious, EAT, experience and exercise. By being involved and engaged you will find learning is ABSORBED so much more than just listening and reading.