Monday 13 August 2012

Instagram challenge

#foodat challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Have you read about the benefits of instagram here and would like to have a go?

We are @foodatoakhill and we encourage your school to set up an account and share your learning journey with your community, us and the world.

  1. Ask your teachers to set up an instagram account starting with @foodat......    and insert your school name at the end eg @foodatmarian (the first school to jump on board! Great initiative guys!) @foodatstmarks @foodatgleeson How to set up an account? Easy. INSTALL the FREE app from itunes (click here for link)  or google play (click here for ANDROID link). You cannot do this on a PC, however you can link your account to ink361 to view on a PC (see our link above @foodatoakhill or here)  If you are unsure how to sign up, see these Simple steps by wikihow. 
  2. Upload your school logo onto the profile pic and complete the bio. You can link the account with a school twitter or facebook page by configuring this in settings. You need to select this sharing option each time you post a photo.  If you do not have a twitter account etc, just leave that section blank.
  3. Comment below with the instagram account name so others can follow.
  4. Post your first photo by pressing the middle camera icon. Camera again to take a photo and two squares to choose an image from your library. Select "choose" (to add photo), then a select a filter. The best way to learn is to experiment. Play. It is fun! 
  5. If you are not happy with the photo, press the X on the top RHS.  Have another go. Once posted, you can also delete an image by pressing the three little dots under the image (RHS)
  6. Interact by liking and commenting on photos from Food technology classes around the world.
  7. You can use hashtags such as #foodat #foodtech #homeec #homeeconomics #food #foodphotography #foodpresentation #instafood to tag your photos to these photofeeds.
  8. Follow other schools using the comment back below.
Go on!  Get on board. Give it a go.  Share your instagram account with your class, mates, parents, extended family...and the rest of the world!  #unitedbyfood

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, 

 but by the moments that take our breath away


  1. This looks awesome! Stay tuned for more from Louisa County, Virginia, USA!

  2. Yes, I am strongly agreed with you about instagram, please keep writing like this.

  3. Thanks for sharing about ink361! Success with the challenge. Note that we launched a complete new site at Happy photo sharing. The Ink361 team

  4. Our pleasure Carel. Kids love viewing their pics up on the IWB (interactive white board) as well as they enter the classroom. Great conversations about food photography, food sharing and ideas of food to make later!

  5. Other schools involved:

    @foodatriverside or @riversidefoodies

  6. Other schools on board:


  7. @foodatwilliamhowardschool (no pics as yet but looking forward to it!)

  8. We're involved but account's name is @dnembhard43 (doing both my Foods and Textiles classes from the same Instagram account)

  9. We love our Instagram community and are so pleased to see many schools around the world embrace our #foodat challenge!
    Recent schools to sign up include: