Friday, 19 July 2013

Introducing "Epic Food Tech: Yr7.4

Our very first class 19th July 2013
This is our very first class and therefore first group sourced blog post.
The first context area we studied for semester one was Wood Technology and now we are looking forward to Food Technology!

Today in Sydney it is raining.  We bought all our bags in the classroom and Mrs James asked us to place all tables and desks to the sides of the classrooms and find a spot with our tablets.
She thought it funny that we automatically sat in rows and faced the front- so she took a picture!  That is us at the top of the post. When Mrs James asked us why we sat in this format we said "That's what primary school does to you" and "won't we get in trouble if we move?" REALLY?  She said.  Then Mrs James asked us to download the PICSAY app from the playstore (we use Android tablets) and take a photo in groups of 2-4.  She asked us to layer stickers to the photo and add our first names only as she would love to know our names quickly. We then emailed her our group photos. 

Next we wrote this post as a class. These are our views.

We think we will learn the following during our time in Food Technology:
  • Recipes and food
  • Trying different things
  • Culture
  • Cookies
  • Extra lunch
  • Creating new and delicious combos with food
  • Curries
  • Sausage rolls
  • Free stuff
  • Learning how to cook when you leave home
  • Designing and creating different foods
  • Tacos
  • Cooking
  • Eggs
  • Baking and cake
  • Bacon
  • Pumpkin soup
What I really would like to learn when studying Food Technology:

  • Design a restaurant
  • How to make healthy and nutritious food
  • How to develop a brand
  • Create your own type of food
  • Vegetarian stuff
  • Recipes from different cultures
  • Make hot chocolates that taste good -cool patterns on top
  • Thai food
  • Good food for my kids
  • Cooking robot
  • Design dinner ideas
  • Food presentation like in magazines
  • How is food mass produced
  • How to make a cheeseburger that looks as good as the ads
  • How to prepare different cuts of food
  • How to make your favourite foods
  • Nutritional diets
  • How to make Ice cream-fried Ice cream too!
  • Souffle
  • Masterchef competitions
  • Fried mars bar
  • How to use a knife properly
  • How to balance food tray
  • Learn how different cultures prepare food

Initial impressions of Food Technology lessons:
  • Fun
  • Can't wait until next one!
  • Awesome!!
  • Interesting
  • Cool
  • Great fun!!!!!
  • Amazing   tacos
  • Good
  • Epic!
  • Yummy yummy
  • Yay LOL!
  • Very exciting
  • Making Food!!
  • Can't wait to design and eat the food!
  • New life skills
Thanks for reading our first ever post.


  1. Well done boys. You're in for a fantastic learning journey with Mrs James.

  2. What a great post!

    I look forward to sharing in your learning journey, I have been learning alongside Mrs James for many years.

    Keep up the enthusiasm and collaboration.

    I can't wait to hear more!

    1. A new journey has begun! Great classes! Thanks Mrs Mawby and Summer for taking the time to connect with the boys- we will write replies next week, or if the boys read this at home they make like to also reply in the comment box :)

    2. hello im Mrs mcdonell's class my names liam and i am starting textiles as my tech sudject

  3. Hello Year 7,

    We would like to see a cooking robot too! We think that is a great idea.

    Perhaps we could get one like this:

    I wonder if we could program him to make a nutritional deep fried mars bar?

    From the LeetGeek team in SA

    1. "Thanks for the pic! Can you send us that Robot it looks cool! It would be funny to see it on Masterchef!" 7.4

  4. Have fun boys. I'm always excited and nervous to have my first class. Mrs James is an awesome teacher I hope you enjoy and I look forward to seeing your Instagram photos.

  5. Wow guys! It looks like you are in for a fun semester of learning with Mrs James. Can I come along on the day you make Fried Mars Bar? I've never had one and can't decide if they'd be delicious or disgusting. I'm looking forward to following your journey on the @foodatoakhill instagram account #nomnom

  6. Sounds like a great class! I wonder what you'd come up with if you could create your own type of food?

  7. Good luck! It sounds like you have many culinary adventures in front of you. :)

  8. Wow - sounds like you're going to have an exciting time in Food Technology. I'm a teacher at St Paul's High School in Newcastle. My new Year 7 class have just started their Textiles unit and we are also going to write a blog. I'll ask my students to comment on your blog and maybe you could do the same for us? I'll send the link when we have it up and running. Have fun! Mrs McDonell

    1. Thanks for your support MrsMc! Are you on twitter (@foodatoakhill) or Instagram? (@foodatoakhill and @dramaatoakhill) so we can connect further?

  9. EdloungeAustralia20 July 2013 at 09:05

    You lucky boys. Mrs James is one switched on, dynamic, tech savvy teacher. You had better be ready for an awesome engaging journey with food!

    1. Mrs. Tuckerman20 July 2013 at 13:04

      I agree. You are going to have a wonderful time learning all about food and tech! Fried icecream? Yum!

    2. hey this is jack from st pauls,sounds like you are gonna have fun and you are lucky becasue you get tablets.

  10. im from st pauls in mrs mcdonell new tech class i like your blog it is very creative

  11. Hey, Im ethan and im from St Pauls in newcastle. it sounds cool that you get to use tablets

  12. Hello my name is Thomas.I am go to St Pauls Newcastle. I am doing textiles in technology and I am in Mrs Mcdonell's class. I also like the work it sounds really fun.

  13. Hi my name is Jed. I am from st pauls Newcastle. I am in Mrs Mc Donells class like your work it sounds fun.

    1. Hey, Im Ryan, an Oakhill Student in this class. Thanks for the great feedback! Also looking forward to seeing your blog. May your future meals be delicious :)

  14. I hope you have a great time during your food technology unit. Im from St Pauls at Booraugul. Im starting a new unit on textiles. My teacher is Mrs McDonell.

  15. hey this is Ben from st pauls newcastl,sounds like you are having fun

  16. Hello my name is Abby. Im doing textiles this term at St. Pauls high school Newcastle. I really like your blog, i think you have some very intresting ideas about food technology! I hope you enjoy it Year 7. :)

  17. Hello Yr 7 food tech Oakhill College! My name is Laney and i am currently doing textiles in tech at St Pauls Highschool in Newcastle. My teacher Mrs Mcdonell and has informed us about your blog, I hope that you have a great time cooking, designing and eating all your foods. Have an awesome time! :D

  18. hi my name is georgia, and i am doing textiles at st pauls in Newcastle this term.I really like your blog and i think you have good idias hope you guys can have a look at our blog when its up and running.

    1. Yes please! Do you have a link or still in development? We would love to see your creations!

    2. .... nearly there ... we are doing individual blogs - wasn't sure how to integrate into one class blog - plus their blog will be their "folio" and given a mark for assessment. When we start our sewing project -we will be heads down, and then back to the blogging after about 8 or so weeks - cause we need to book into a computer room :)))) .... anyway, there will be a lag in our posts unless I can get them to post in their own time??? Anyway, of course, I will send you the links ..... thanks!!! Looking forward to networking with you and your students.

  19. Hi my name is Kiara and I am from St Paul's Booragul in Newcastle. Our technology teacher, Mrs McDonell, introduced us to your blog. In technology, we are currently studying textiles, and are also blogging our experiences and products we design in class. We haven't done cooking yet, but by reading your impressions of it in technology we're already excited about it!
    Can't wait to keep reading your blog!

  20. Hi, I am Laura from St Paul's Booragul in Newcastle. Our technology class is doing textile with Mrs McDonell.i hope you guys have fun with technology.